Thought for the day


Allow Yourself To Be Free

This morning I awoke with such a free spirit. I am awake, I am alive and my soul is well. After a big event this past weekend I finally feel back to my normal self so this morning, while I should be getting ready for my doctor appointment and work I can’t help but smile […]


Choosing To Embrace Authentic You

There is has been a word I have been pondering lately, a word that keeps creeping up in my daily thoughts and how I want to live my life. That word is  “Authentic” For most of my life I lived a very in the box kind of life. I was raised to believe in certain […]


Coming Out Of The Closet-Your Closet

Before I begin this blog entry I want to say first THANK YOU! Thank you to everyone who has been reading. Thank you for your comments in passing and encouragement in writing this blog. Thank you to a reader (Judy) for such a sweet note in the mail. You truly made my day.  I do […]


Help I Am Stuck And Can’t Get This Top Off!

I am sure you have been there before. You head out shopping and get excited to try something on then… BAMB, you are STUCK! Today I ventured out to Victoria Secret again. It seems it is my new favorite place since they sized me and I was reminded that I definitely went up in this […]


Can Being Grateful & Happy Be A Way Of Life?

I recently heard a Ted Talk about “Happiness” thanks to my husband who told me I had to listen to it. He said I would love it.  So Friday morning on my day off while I should have been cleaning the house I ended up parked at my island in my kitchen taking notes because […]