Thought for the day


I Missed My Deadline By Two Days But….

I have to sit for just a minute, not like I have not spent hours and hours in front of my macbook already, but I just need a few more minutes today to reflect on the past 52 days. Fifty two days ago on April 23rd I embarked on a journey of re-writing my entire […]


Look Up…

I just finished a couple hours of writing, another step towards completing my manuscript. It has been an amazing week, those kind of weeks when you look around and think “How lucky am I! What a Freaking Awesome life” it was that kind of week. Nothing really special, mostly just stopping to smell the roses, […]


Manuscript Take #2- Ready, Set, Go!

Before I begin my journey of an entire re-write of my manuscript I thought I would document it here. I honestly feel a little emotional with excitement and anticipation. There is always a sense of where the characters will take me this time. Although I am keeping the main story arc and characters there is […]


Bucket List… Do You Have One?

Do you have a bucket list? Is it written down or stored somewhere up in your head? Mine is pretty much in my head. However while I was checking off another one of my bucket list items I realized that my list is getting rather short and really not much left on it. So I […]


My Secret Dark Cloud Of Sorrow

I promised myself with this blog I would write the good and the bad. Writing helps me process my emotions and my feelings. I have had a lot of growth over the past few years but there are times my secret dark cloud of sorrow comes crashing back into my life. Speaking your truth also […]