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Lessons Learned in 2017

It’s time, the new year is upon us are you beginning to reflect and look back on 2017? As I sit here in the dark with only the soft white lights of the Christmas tree and three glowing candles on the coffee table I can’t help but smile. Actually, I may have a few tears […]


Let the war die…

  I get it, sides are created. It’s normal. When you have a war you must believe in the side you fight for. You must create craziness, hatred for the enemy. I’ve been there I’ve done it. No one is perfect, grief and anger can bring the absolute  worst out of a person.  I’ve been […]


Love, Life and Lessons Learned

    My life as it is now feels like a dream sometimes. A year ago I couldn’t even picture a life different from the one I was living. Honestly my tear stained face felt like a permanent fixture, one I would live with until the day I died. My broken shattered heart cut my […]